Our Business Lines

Proyecto Llave en Mano

Turnkey project

We have qualified personnel in the Technical and Engineering areas, capable of integrating various lines of work in Solutions for the Industry, including from the conception of the idea, supply, assembly, start-up and even its maintenance.



We are allies of the main brands in automation equipment; We have the best prices, technical knowledge and experience to offer you the most suitable solution for your industry.

Tableros Electricos

Electrical boards

We are Manufacturers and assemblers of Electrical Panels, we are certified Under Numeral 20.23.1 of RETIE 2013 for the Manufacture of:

  • Motor Control Centers (CCM)
  • Electrical Distribution Boards
  • Meter Cabinets in B.T.

Torres Eolicas

Wind measurement towers

We fully support the wind measurement projects of our clients, including the design, manufacture and assembly of the towers, configuration and installation of the measurement instruments, commissioning, maintenance, as well as their disassembly and transfer.



As strategic allies of the main Instrument brands, we have direct factory support, technical knowledge and experience in the installation and use of Instruments for Pressure, Temperature, Flow and Level measurement in the different Industrial processes.



We are manufacturers and / or direct representatives of the main brands in equipment for:

  • Automation
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical Panels
  • Control boards
  • Industrial Valves
  • Measurement Equipment
  • HMI devices
  • SCADA software
  • Maneuvering Devices
  • Galvanized Towers



We offer personalized group trainings, Enter to know our course schedule.

Committed to Safety and the Environment


safe work policy

Our safe work at heights policy includes:
  • Identification and control of possible risks (physical, biological, chemical, mechanical and critical risks)
  • Current medical examinations for all workers
  • Social security system and affiliations for all workers
  • Training and certifications for safe work at heights according to COLOMBIAN regulations
  • Security personnel on site when required

Some of Our Projects and Solutions


Piedra del Pacífico


Project developed in the Industrial Zone of Mamonal, Cartagena; For the PACIFIC STONE customer. Its scope included the “Supply and installation of Electrical and Electronic infrastructure for the quicklime plant ” .


Client: Pacific Stone
Location: Mamonal, Cartagena


Automation of the Propanil Plant located in the Barranquilla Free Trade Zone, Using the SIEMENS BATCH system with PCS7 V8.0 for the Control of the Entire Process, from start to finish!

Client: Proficol
Location: Free Zone, Barranquilla

About Our Company



Founded in 2004 in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia, by a group of Electronic Engineers. In his years of experience he has developed projects and solutions for the Industry on the Colombian Caribbean coast, in the interior of the country, in fact, in territories such as Dubai, Nigeria, the Philippines, Haiti, Guyana and Venezuela among others.

Offering Solutions for the industry in the areas of Industrial Automation, Process Instrumentation, Electrical Networks (LV and MV) and Data Networks, with the recently line of energy efficiency, we are also recognized Manufacturers and Installers of braced towers for wind measurement.

In November 2016 INTELPRO S.A.S. starts the Electrical Panels business unit, and in October 2017 it was certified as a Manufacturer of:
•Motor Control Centers as a fully assembled set.
•Completely assembled low voltage assemblies for electrical power distribution, control and maneuvering systems with removable and fixed components.
•Cabinets of meters in L.V.

First Under Numeral 20.23.1 of RETIE 2013.

Therefore, one of the strengths of INTELPRO S.A.S. is the execution of “key on hand” Engineering Projects, in which all our experience is integrated and the management of various business lines such as Automation, Instrumentation, Electrical Assemblies, Engineering and Electrical Panels, to give our clients complete solutions integrated into increasing productivity and the quality of your products..


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